Welcome To Wings! Let's get started.

General Info:
Doing /info on the bot gives a general description of what will be said here.

You can play some games, win some wings, and redeem them for real-life prizes such as Amazon cards, Discord Nitro, or more! To get started on earning some wings, you can run the /cooldowns command to see what commands you can run
⚠️ Every 1st of the month at 00:00 UTC, everyones balance and bank will reset to prepare for the next months rewards ⚠️
/shop can show you some items you can use in game and the prizes you can get each month. Every month introduces new games, new prizes, and more. In order for this idea to work as well, everyones balance and bank resets on the 1st of each month
Random Events:
Random events show up randomly after running a command. In order to not lose some wings, you should consider getting some items from /shop that are needed to keep some wings from things like bears 👀