Terms of Service

Effective: April 12th, 2023
WingsBot (“us,” “we,” “our”) operates the https://wingsbot.net/ website and the Wings Discord Application (the “Service” or “bot”). The Wings Discord Application operates on Discord (the “Platform”).
Terms of Use
We are not responsible for any real-life or virtual damages caused by your use of the Service. It is expected that in your use of the Service, it remains separate from any real-life currencies. The Service is expected and designed to remain a no-stakes virtual game, and we are not responsible for any use that falls outside of that.

We reserve the right to terminate your ability to use the Service at any time for any reason. Any abuse of the Service will result in a termination at our sole discretion.

It is expected that during your use of the Service, you follow all of the rules outlined by the Platform, including terms outlined by the Platform and any guidelines outlined by them.
Payment Terms
In most cases, we offer a 5 day refund guarantee for any reason. After 5 days of the subscription renewal date or of the initial purchase, we will not refund the payment. Exceptions to this are only made at our sole discretion. Subscriptions can be canceled at any time, but cancellation does not guarantee a refund for the previous billing cycle.

We do not transfer subscriptions from one user account to another. To transfer the subscription, you must cancel and resubscribe. Exceptions to this can be made at our sole discretion.

Threats of chargebacks or filing chargebacks/payment challenges will result in termination of your access to the Service. All disputes must be handled directly through us first.
Questions can be sent to our Support Server.