Partner With Wings


  1. As of right now, there is no minimum membership requirement. However, as we continue to grow, we will have one for future partnership applications.

  2. Your server must follow Discord's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Need a refresher? and

  3. We will not accept any servers that are solely NSFW. Other 18+ servers are allowed, but we will put a disclaimer that your server is for 18+ only.

  4. You are required to add and keep Wings in your server. The link to invite it to your server is

  5. We will not accept any servers that encourage the use of discriminatory terminology or actively uses it.

  6. Because you are partnering with a bot and server, we ask that our partners put our advertisement in a dedicated channel, preferably #wings. This can be negotiated if you have something else in mind that is just as effective. This is to let other people know that you are an official partner with Wings. However, you do not have to post our advertisement until it is approved. If we approve your application, you will have 24 hours to do this. You must notify us once this is done so we can get you added as an official partner.

  7. You are required to have at least one representative on our support server. This is in the event we need to notify all partners about changes to our partnership system or need to contact them in regards to our partnership. If this representative gets banned from the server, we may terminate the partnership.

  8. Please note that we reserve the right to terminate the partnership for any reason, including reasons that may not be explicitly stated on these guidelines.

  9. We may make changes to the Partnership Guidelines later on. If we do, we will inform your server's representatives. When the new guidelines go into effect, you certify that you agree to those changes, with the exception of Partnership Guideline #1.

A link to the partnership application can be found here if the below embed doesn't work.